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Sword and Skull

von Avalon Hill
Strategie zu Brettspiel, Englisch
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Weigh Anchor for Adventure -- and Fun!

The nefarious Pirate King has stolen Her Majesty's Ship, the Sea Hammer, pride of the Royal Navy. Furious, the Queen has offered a great reward to the person who can retrieve it. As one of the advisors to the Queen, you have chosen an officer of the Royal Navy to pursue the Pirate King. Of course, it might take a thief to catch a thief, so you've also conscripted a vicioius pirate from the Queen's dungeons.

Now they are preparing to enter the dreaded Lair of the Pirate King. Will one of them be the first to recover the Sea Hammer? Or will one of your rivals receive the Queen's reward instead?

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Sword & Skull contains:Game board, 4-page rules booklet, 5 Officers, 5 Pirates, 2 Dice, 80 Plastic gold pieces, 5 Player cards, 16 Enemy cards, 36 Crew cards, 20 Item cards, 33 Fortune cards                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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