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Deep Shadow: Stolen Souls

von Catalyst Game Labs
Spielhilfe zu Shadowrun, Englisch
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Legendary hacker FastJack's has left JackPoint, the victim of a condition that divided his mind against itself. Across the Sixth World, people's minds are in schism, with new personalities emerging at unpredictable times. Chaos is growing, and corps frantically maneuver for informa­tion, stealing data and employees from each other at a rapid pace. Stolen Souls helps players and GMs understand what's happening while providing adventure hooks along with techniques and gear to help runners become aces at extraction jobs. Dig deeper into this new mystery that has torn through the Sixth World-and discover just how deep the conspiracies and cover-ups go.

Selling Points:

* Presents more details on the Sybil virus plotline introduced in Storm Front and Stolen Souls, paving the way for further revelations to come.

* Provides details on New York City in the Sixth World, a setting not covered in print in years.

* Offers information and details on extraction runs, giving shadowrunners tools, gear, and technique that can get people out of tightly guarded spots.

* Provides game information, plot hooks, and other statistics to make it easier to use this material in ongoing campaigns.

* Follows up the departure of FastJack from JackPoint and provides updated information on other important Sixth World characters .

* Sets corporate machinations into motion fueling plotlines and providing additional opportunities for shadowrunners .

* Provides information and adventure hooks to help players diving into Shadowrun, Fifth Edition campaigns & explore the new rules and updated setting.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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