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Darkness Rising Collectors Edition

von Sabertooth Games
Regelwerk zu Warhammer Fantasy, Englisch
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A shadow lengthens over the Empire. Portents and warnings cause wise men dread, and the defences against the dark seem frail and insubstantial. The Gods of Chaos have spoken, and a new Champion fights for their cause!

A Storm of Chaos pours down from the Northern lands. Savage men bring death and slaughter, ransacking the cities of Kislev, with a mind to bring the ultimate end to the forces of order and good. Reeling from the shock, the Empire - wracked with internecine strife - struggles to rally its forces. It takes all Karl Franz's political skill to forge an alliance to meet the danger posed by Archaon, Lord of the End Times and chosen champion of Chaos.

Darkness Rising: A Complete History of the Storm of Chaos is an account of this terrible time, as written by Old Wierde, an eminent Empire scholar in Altdorf. He pulls together rumours, news and supposition from many different sources, including correspondence with one man who joins the campaigning armies of light.

This in-depth background book is packed with facts and details about the Storm of Chaos, and includes lots of brand new artwork of this momentous campaign.

Darkness Rising Collector's Edition

Also available is the collector's edition Darkness Rising: A Complete History of the Storm of Chaos background book.

The book is bound in aluminium: front covers and spine. Screen printed on both covers is a detailed map of the Empire, where the dreadful campaign was fought. The book is presented in a matching aluminium slipcase, with the title and the map of the Empire screen printed onto both the front and back.

When the book sits next to the slipcase, the two halves match up and the Empire map is completed. This beautiful, unique item is limited to a run of only 300 copies, and comes with a limited, hand numbered certificate of authenticity.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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