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Exalted: Graceful Wicked Maskes - The Fair Folk

von White Wolf
Spielhilfe zu Exalted, Englisch
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A Guide to the Fair Ones

Denizens of the Wyld that surrounds Creation, the raksha continue to wage war on shaped reality. Taking on physical form, becoming the very thing they despise, the so-called Fair Folk prey on the the fringes of Creation, biding their time until the next great crusade rides forth from the formless madness beyond the world's poles to finally end the blasphemy of shape. Will the Exalted again succeed in stemming the Fair Folk's tide of destruction, or will they be swept away by the Wyld onslaught, unable to unite against this common foe?

A character sourcebook for Exalted®, Second Edition, featuring:
  • * Everything players and Storytellers need to generate Fair Folk characters, including their Charms
  • * Complete rules for shaping combat
  • * Details of the unshaped, their component Emanations and their terrible powers-including four example unshaped raksha, one from each of the cardinal directions

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