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Dungeons and Dragons - Player's Handbook 2.0 Ed Prem.

von Wizards of the Coast
Regelwerk zu Dungeons & Dragons, Englisch
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Premium reprints of the classic 2nd Edition core rulebooks!
High quality reissues of the nostalgic AD&D 2nd Edition core rulebooks; Player's Handbook , Dungeon Master Guide , and Monstrous Manual . These, and other premium reprints, celebrate the enduring history of Dungeons & Dragons®. For longtime D&D® players they evoke fond memories of past characters, campaigns, and good times spent with friends.
Attractive and durable volumes for discerning collectors!
All three books are printed using superb materials and have new covers with metallic embellishments. These quintessential rulebooks are part of an expanding line of premium offerings that give D&D fans the opportunity to collect the most important releases of all time. Completists will want to pick up these historic books to add to their growing library.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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