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GURPS Horror (HC)

von Steve Jackson Games
Spielhilfe zu GURPS, Englisch
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What's that behind you?

The new revision of GURPS Horror is an exciting approach to any kind of adventure: old-fashioned Gothic horror; classic supernatural horror; Lovecraftian cosmic horror; and modernday J-horror, survival horror, torture horror, and splatter.

Horror offers the Game Master spooky monsters and powers; rules for corruption, fear, and madness; and tricks for running scary-butfun adventures. Players can create and equip all kinds of heroes, from screaming victims to fearless monster-slayers. And everyone gets tips on cooperating to tell a memorable story - even if the characters don't make it.

Whether you're playing a one-shot zombie battle or a full-scale campaign against Things Man Was Not Meant To Know . . . GURPS Horror can jolt your game to unnatural life.

Description: A GURPS Fourth Edition supplement with 176 hardbound, black-andwhite pages.

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