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GURPS Traveller: Alien Races 2

von Steve Jackson Games
Spielhilfe zu GURPS, Englisch, 144 Seiten
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The second book in the GURPS Traveller Alien Races series, Alien Races 2: Aslan and K'kree addresses the biology, home worlds, culture, and society of the fierce Aslan, the centaurian K'kree, and two minor species. It details their historical involvement with the Imperium, from first contact to present, and presents racial templates, rules for playing alien characters, and examples of unique technologies and ship designs.

The Aslan warrior race has a mindset focused on honor and glory; their traders and mercenaries are found throughout the Spinward Marches and the Solomani Sphere. Their wanderlust and combative nature make them well-suited to adventuring as player-characters. Their habit of insidiously grabbing land when no one is looking also makes them good recurring adversaries in a campaign.

The militantly vegetarian K'kree are driven by their faith to rule the Galaxy, and eliminate all meat-eaters. Players may join this crusade, fight against it, or simply try to make a living while it goes on around them. The K'kree are constantly embroiled in skirmishes with the Vargr, and keep an uneasy peace along their borders with the Hivers and humanity.

Alien Races 2 also features two new minor races: The Inyx are a race of aquatic parasites who absorb electrical energy from their whale-sized hosts. The Devi Intelligence, an unusual K'Kree subject race, consisting of the sedentary Intellects, who resemble colonies of giant fungi, and their mobile spores, the Shiverbats.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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