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Frag Gold Edition

von Steve Jackson Games
zu Brettspiel, Englisch
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The original edition of Frag was a best-seller. It's easy to learn, fast-moving, and fun. Now the new Gold Edition provides all the upgrades today's gamer wants: Solid, full-color gameboard. Erasable character cards. High-quality plastic pawns. And all the dice you need, right there in the box.

Frag is a computer game without a computer - a "first-person shooter" on a tabletop. Move your fighter and frag your foes; draw cards for weapons, armor, and gadgets; move through the blood spatters to restore your own health! If you die, you respawn and come back shooting!

Tell the Players:
  • Frag recreates the excitement and mayhem of a first-person shooter . . . without the computer!
  • Frag is quick, bloody, and best of all, tremendous fun.
  • Frag Gold Edition upgrades all the components of the original Frag. It adds erasable boards to track character stats, and enough dice to roll a BIG attack.

Trade Sales Points:
  • The original Frag was a sell-out hit. Fans asked for a new version with upgraded components. Here it is.
  • The new Gold Edition is a great demo game. It looks great on the table, and when people play, they get loud and draw a crowd, and their enthusiasm is contagious.
  • The box is BIG. The cover is bright and dramatic, with art by John Zeleznik.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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