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Tempora Obscura

von Pro Ludo
zu Kartenspiel, Deutsch
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Build villages and abbeys, collect tax, send your soldiers and catapults to attack and pillage your neighbor's towns! But beware of enemy armies and of the dreaded Saracen pirates... Obscura Tempora is an easy card game for 2 - 6 players that will stress test your strategic and tactic skills. Will you survive and prosper in the darkest ages you ever saw?

Players start with a castle and a village: they can build new villages and abbeys, and put on their villages markets, ports and walls. Each turn they get a money card for every card built (except for walls): they can put just one of them safe in the Castle, while all the other must be put under villages and abbeys. Militias can pillage enemy villages and Saracens destroy them, if not stopped by Militias. Walls can prevent it, but they can be destroyed by Catapults (if not stopped by Catapults) and Saracens (if not stopped by Militias).
Besides, Bishops can steal Abbeys with all their money if not stopped by Bishops.
The goal is to reach a certain amount of money, but most of it is always exposed to attacks. Besides, to get more things to build, attack and defend you have to spend money...

Andrea Angiolino is a well know italian game designer. His most know boardgame is "Wings of war", and he wrote also rple games like "Orlando Furioso", based on the Ariosto's masterpiece.

1 deck of 84 Things cards
1 deck of 75 Money cards
6 Castle cards rulesheets (Italian, English, German)

Players: 2 - 6
Age: 10+
Duration : 45 minutes                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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