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Espana 1936

von Phalanx
Strategie zu Brettspiel, Deutsch
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ESPAÑA 1936 is a strategy game simulating the conflict that took place in Spain between July 1936 and April 1939. A civil war that confronted two irreconcilable views of the country at that time. The player who controls more major cities at the end of the game will win the war.

ESPAÑA 1936 is a 2-player game in which one player takes command of the government troops (Republicans) and the other the rebel army (Nationalists). It is recommended for people over 13 and the length of a full game is approximately 150 min.
The game begins after the initial military movements that followed the armed uprising of July 18th, 1936. Each game is divided in 10 turns. In each turn the players will perform various actions either in turns or simultaneously, according to a game sequence. The game board depicts a map of Spain divided into boxes with two round areas where players will place their units. Such boxes are connected by links. Counters represent military units with a number indicating their combat strength. Cards show different events that happened or that might have happened during the course of the war and that may have an impact on the natural development of the game. Dice are used to resolve battles.

A game can be won by either fulfilling any of the automatic victory conditions or by controlling more objective cities than the opponent at the end of the game.

  • * One game board depicting Spain
  • * One battle aid chart
  • * 166 counters (one sheet of naval counters for the advanced game only)
  • * 110 cards (55 for each player; cards with an N are for the advanced game only)
  • * 10 dice (5 red and 5 blue)
  • * Two player mats (one for each player)
  • * Rulebook

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