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Cheliax, Empire of Devils

von Paizo Publishing
Spielhilfe zu Pathfinder RPG, Englisch
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The city of Westcrown, once the capital of Cheliax, is now but a shadow of its former glory. Pauper nobles and self-made princes vie for control in a metropolis perched on the edge of self-destruction. With entire districts abandoned and left to bandits and monsters, Westcrown is a city in need of heroes. This city and its environs are the setting for Pathfinder's new Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and the first to be compatible with both the innovative new Pathfinder RPG rules and the original 3.5 rules of the world's most popular roleplaying game. Cheliax, Empire of Devils tells you all you need to know to build a character for the new Council of Thieves Adventure Path, presents an extensive player-focused gazetteer on Westcrown and the surrounding region, and offers many new feats, character traits, spells and magic items, and even a prestige class for characters to use throughout the Council of Thieves Adventure Path and other Pathfinder campaigns. Sales Points Pathfinder enjoys more than 10,000 readers, making it the most popular monthly print RPG product on the market. There are an average of five players to every RPG Game Master, and most Pathfinder purchasers are Game Masters. Pathfinder Companion products are aimed at the larger player audience, providing key information to help players survive the deadly Adventure Paths. The Pathfinder Companion's low price and excellent production values make it the ideal introduction to new Pathfinder customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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