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Numenera: Cypher Chest

von Monte Cook Games
Spielhilfe zu Numenera RPG, Englisch
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Created as game aids that make it easy to randomly determine and track transient items, the Numenera Cypher Deck, XP Deck, and Creature Deck are among the best-selling PDF products for the Numenera line. Now they're available through retail, in a single well-priced, easy-to-shelf package!

The three decks come in a sturdy rigid box, sized to sit neatly alongside your Numenera books on your RPG shelves. The internal tray holds the three existing decks, with room to store future expansions.

The Cypher Deck allows GMs and players to randomly generate single-use cyphers on the fly. Twenty item cards are lavishly illustrated with different device types, while each of the 100 power cards offers multiple power options to match the device.

The XP Deck provides a set of tangible tokens to represent experience points-a sort of game currency that often changes hands between players.

The Creature Deck contains 100 commonly encountered creatures. Draw a card to quickly build an encounter: One side has basic stats (with a reference to the book for full stats and info), and the reverse has an image to share with the players.

  • - Three big, non-randomized decks totalling 250 cards.

  • - The great price makes this an easy upsell!

  • - The box is sized and designed to shelve easily alongside other RPG product.

  • - Numenera players love to skip the big tables and simply draw a card to randomize cyphers and creatures they encounter.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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