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Numenera: Character Options

von Monte Cook Games
Spielhilfe zu Numenera RPG, Englisch
Nicht auf Lager. Lieferzeit ca. 2-5 Tage.

Numenera has one of the most graceful and imaginative character generation systems ever brought to roleplaying games. Focus, descriptor, and type create a sentence that elegantly descibes your character and lays the mechanical foundation for your abilities.

I'm a charming jack who masters weaponry

I'm a strong-willed nano who talks to machines

I'm a rugged glaive who fuses flesh and steel

Now players have new options for character generation. In addition to new descriptors and foci, Numenera Character Options offers new mutations, new visitant races, new esotaries, new fighting moves, new tricks of the trade, and more.

Numenera Character Options also introduces entirely new kinds of descriptors, expanding the concept to include character's origin and negative traits, along with new rules for customizing characters, switching descriptors and foci, and more.

  • - Numenera continues to be one of the hottest-selling RPG lines

  • - Continues the incredible standards for art, design, and production values established by Numenera's legendary artwork and design style

  • - Players love character books, and this is the first to offer new options

  • - Just in time for Reaper's new Numenera character minis

  • - Numenera's Cypher System will also be used for The Strange, MCG's new roleplaying game coming this summer. The content in this book is forward-compatible with that game.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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