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School of Hard Knocks: Skill Compendium

von Iron Crown Enterprises
Spielhilfe zu RoleMaster, Englisch
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Is your fighter feeling left out? Do you feel that the odds are stacked in favor of spell casters? Redress the balance with this skill companion. The School of Hard Knocks contains new professions, new training packages, and everything you need to get your own back on those uppity spell casters.

This volume introduces 4 new non-spell-using professions: the Scout, the Sage, the Barbarian and the Swashbuckler. The School of Hard Knocks includes 10 new training packages focusing on non-spell use and a section on balancing spell users and non-spell users. This skill companion contains the complete Rolemaster skill list including difficulty modifiers. Now you can settle that long-running argument with your GM about how many broadswords your PC can juggle while wearing full plate, and how difficult it is. The School of Hard Knocks takes the guesswork out of maneuvers and skills.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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