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Character Law

von Iron Crown Enterprises
Spielhilfe zu RoleMaster, Englisch
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Add the power of expanded character development to your game. Character Law is the ultimate player's guide to Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing. It doubles the number of professions and triples the races and cultures that are available to Rolemaster players. It also provides more than twenty new training packages, along with new skills and skill categories.

You can customize your characters using a comprehensive selection of background options: status, wealth, items, talents, and flaws. The hundreds of talents provided allow characters to select from: Special Training (Natural Horseman, Outdoorsman, etc.), Special Abilities (Lucky, Eye of the Hawk, etc.), Physical Abilities (Infravision, Ambidexterity, etc.), Mental Abilities (Telepathy, Battle Reflexes, etc.), and Mystical Abilities (Destiny Sense, Look of Eagles, etc...).                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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