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Doomstones 1: Fire & Blood

von Hogshead Publishing
Abenteuer zu Warhammer FRP, Englisch
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Made by the Dwarfs for a purpose that is long forgotten, and then split up by them an equally forgotten reason. the four Crystals of Power have been lost somewhere around the Yetzin Valley for almost a century. But now the Bloodaxe Alliance is moving again, seemingly on the trail of the Crystals, and if they locate them, then disaster will follow. Following a century-old trail of clues, only the adventurers can find the Crystals in time.

The Doomstones trilogy takes the form of a quest to find the stones and reunite them. The signs and omens seem to show that the PCs are fated to do this - but nobody could possibly foretell the dramatic consequences of their actions.

Fire and Blood is the first volume of the Doomstones trilogy. It contains two full-length adventures, each one describing the search for one of the Crystals of Power. The quest takes the adventurers deep into the Yetzin Valley, in the mountainous border between the Empire and the Border Princes, where they meet with gypsies, undead beings, ogres and the cursed spirits of those who once tried to possess the Crystals' power.

Like all Warhammer FRP adventures, Fire and Blood is heavily illustrated and contains hand-outs and pre-generated characters.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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