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Das Zeitalter Napoleons

von Frankh Kosmos
Strategie zu Brettspiel, Deutsch
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Winner best simulation game 2003

Age of Napoleon 1805-1815 is a colourful boardgame for two players that is based on the rise and fall of one of the greatest military commanders in history: Napoléon I, Emperor of the French. One player commands the forces of France and its allies and tries to achieve domination of the European continent. The other player leads a coalition of nations aiming to force Napoleon's abdication once and for all. The game not only represents the military units with playing pieces but also elegantly integrates famous events, important personalities and random factors by using playing cards.

Age of Napoleon 1805-1815 contains three different scenarios, starting in 1805, 1809, and 1813. Players familiar with the game are able to finish the 1813 scenario in 45 minutes.

Age of Napoleon 1805-1815 includes 1 large gameboard, 55 playing cards, 162 large and colourful game pieces, 2 player aid cards, 2 dice, 1 rules booklet and 1 scenario booklet.

* Elegant integration of military, economic and diplomatic factors.
* Realistic yet simple restrictions on marching and fighting battles.
* 3 different scenarios; very suitable even for the player with limited playing time
* Simple but realistic battle system with a lot of Napoleonic flavor and more than a few surprises.

Age of Napoleon 1805-1815 took 5 years to design and develop.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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