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Warhammer FRP - Hero's Call

von Fantasy Flight Games
Spielhilfe zu Warhammer FRP, Englisch
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Hero's Call is an epic supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay that takes your campaign to the peaks of power! Heroes gain tremendous new ammunition to face the challenges rising against them, including new high-powered careers, regional options for men and dwarfs from outside Reikland, two new player races, action cards for each new trait, and spells and blessings for Ranks 4 and 5.

Players are going to need to take advantage of all these thrilling new powers, too. Hero's Call gives GMs exciting new ways to challenge high-powered parties, with tips for addressing their fame or infamy. GMs will also find guidelines for running notable adversaries, such as Archaon the Everchosen, and a complete adventure, The Art of Waaagh!

Prepare for adventure on a grander scale when you answer the Hero's Call.

Key Selling Points

* An epic adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

* Features new blessings and spells for Ranks 4 and 5

* High-powered careers offer characters tremendous power and versatility

* Face epic adversaries and the challenges of a complete epic adventure

* Introduces two new player races, Halflings and Ogres


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