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Warhammer 40.000 Roleplay Dark Heresy - The Church of the Damned

von Fantasy Flight Games
Abenteuer zu Warhammer 40000 RPG, Englisch
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Investigating corruption within the Ecclesiarchy itself is as delicate as it is dangerous, but when an influential leader is suspected of heresy, a team of Acolytes will uncover an ever-deepening conspiracy that could spell the end of the entire Calixis Sector!

The Church of the Damned is the second adventure in The Apostasy Gambit, a Dark Heresy campaign that takes a cell of Acolytes from investigating the tragic history of a warped Cathedral to crusading against a conspiracy at the heart of one of the Imperium's most vaunted organisations. While The Church of the Damned continues the events started in The Black Sepulchre, it also includes starting points to be played on its own or as part of a custom campaign.

The Maledictor's Hand, a secret group of fanatical extremists, manipulates the Imperium from the shadows. The Acolytes must hurry to stop this dark plot before it's too late. But who can they trust?

* An RPG adventure book for Dark Heresy

* A story of intrigue and conspiracy at the Imperium's highest level

* Set in the popular Warhammer 40,000 universe

* The second adventure in The Apostasy Gambit, a trilogy of adventures

* Continues the events started in The Black Sepulchre, or can be played alone


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