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London Falling

von Catalyst Game Labs
Abenteuer zu Shadowrun, Englisch
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London-where the thick fog (sounds nicer than smog, doesn't it) makes for some truly deep shadows. Every crooked street, every cramped building holds a secret or two, as well as a person or two who will go to great lengths to ensure those secrets are kept. There is, for instance, the dark secret of a minor noble who has not been seen in Parliament in months. And the researcher who everyone is interested in his work. The courier who carries one secret in his head and another in his gut. And an explosive secret that has been festering in the West End Underplex for years or even decades. London Falling features four adventures for Shadowrun set in London.

* Contains four complete adventures, each of which can fit in a single gaming session. The adventures can also be linked into a longer campaign.

* Includes complete statistics for non-player characters and locations to make it easy for gamemasters to run the adventures.

* Provides statistics compatible with both Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun, Fourth Edition.

* Includes adventures that push players to explore the sprawl of London while also involving them in events that tie into the ongoing Sixth World metaplot-including seeds of future stories to come.

* Provides player handouts to help involve players in the Sixth World setting as they play.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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