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Shadowrun 4th Edition - Storm Front

von Catalyst Game Labs
Spielhilfe zu Shadowrun, Englisch
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Aztlan and Amazonia slugging it out. Great dragons turning on each other. Governor Kenneth Brackhaven of Seattle facing pressure unlike any he's ever seen. A powerful dragon and elf on the verge of ravaging Denver. And on top of that, a new plague is spreading through the world, and the denizens of JackPoint aren't immune to its effects. All this tension has been building up, and in Storm Front, it breaks. Stormfront provides background and updates on these and other plot­lines changing the shape of the Sixth World. Storm Front is compatible with Shadowrun, Fourth Edition while also laying the groundwork for the upcoming Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

  • Provides plot developments and changes that will fuel conversation and speculation in Shadowrun fans, including the end of the Aztlan-Amazonia war, the death of a great dragon, an earth-shaking conflict between the dragon Ghostwalker and the elf Harlequin, and a growing scandal facing Governor Kenneth Brackhaven of Seattle
  • Sets up plot developments that will be critical in the upcoming Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. Pieces of this book are being used heavily in promotional materials tied to the release of Fifth Edition, helping whet customers appetite for the full book.
  • Includes statistics of some notable Sixth World characters, including the great dragon known as Sirrurg the Destroyer.
  • Provides game information, plot hooks, and other statistics to make it easier to use this material in ongoing campaigns.
  • Concludes with the departure of a beloved Shadowrun character that is sure to get fans of the game talking.

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